Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pictures of the horses.

here are a couple of pix of the new babies

This is the first one, Maritza.

This is the second one, Surprise - named because she was a total suprise, was not expecting a palomino out of this cross nor did we expect her to be born on that particular night...LOL

And last but not least is Mystery - named because she is NOT by the stallion that she is supposed to be out of...OOPPSS!!! LOL

Hope you like, they have brought a great deal of joy into our life.


  1. oh, how cute!!!!! I love Palomino's. I always wanted one as a kid!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!!

  2. Such beautiful horses they will be! If my daughter saw these pictures, she would really want one.

  3. Love the photos! They are all so cute!

  4. Cyndi, be glad to send you one or 3...LOL

    thanks everyone, they are fun. When everyone gets their pretty summer coat, I will get pictures of everyone.

  5. Hey Tracy

    Are you sure Surprise is a Palomino, I know it could be the picture, but she looks like a double dilute, cremello or perlino?

    Working on your Macaw pattern :D


  6. Libbie, momma is a sorrle so no chance of double dilute.

    Thanks on the macaw pattern