Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My life

Well, I have been working for a great company Since 8/31/2009. I love the people that run it, they are the greatest people I have ever worked for.....problem, pay is not enough for my lifestyle. I would stay there forever if I could make enough money, plus the work is not very stable - typical sales environment. I am interviewing today for a job that pays anywhere from $1.20 - 5.20 more than what I am making now, I believe I will go in at the high end due to my experience level. I really NEED this job. I think I have a strong chance, I did their assessment yesterday morning, and received a call for an interview the same day.

Well, will post more when I know something....I'm hoping that this job signifies a change in my life for the better.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Patrick is complete

Well, some of you know I wanted a cross stitch pattern of Patrick from Sponge Bog Squarepants to do for a dear friend of mine. He is a wonderful, kind hearted spirit. He does an amazing impersonation of Patrick.

Well, I TRIED to get it done for his Birthday, but didn't quite make it. The stitching was done by 1pm on his birthday.

Here is the completed piece.

And here is the framed's a bit crooked, but my daughter didn't notice until I pointed it out, but I know. For some reason after washing the fabric was a bit skewed....that's ok, it still looks great, I think.

Oh, and he absolutely LOVES it.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Black Wolf update

I finished page 2 of the SAL for KK on the Black Wolf. I love the way he is coming out. Some of the girls in the SAL have named their wolf, I don't think I will, but he is beautiful!!!!

I have pulled Naptime Dragon out, Dyan gave us 2 pages for April, one is not very many stitches at all. So I am going to get those 2 pages done, ASAP, and then pg 3 on the wolf. By then the new pages will definitely be out. So I'm hoping by the time the June pages are out, I will be caught up!!!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Update, and first attempt at framing

Ok, well here are my updates!!!

This is my KK SAL Black Wolf - I am 1 1/2 pages behind, but I am getting there....LOL

This is my KK SAL Naptime Dragon, I am 2 pages behind on it, but that's ok, I will get there as well!!!

And this is my beginning framing....

Here is the acid free foam board

This is the project.

And here it is all pinned up. Now to get the custom frame ordered...

I am very proud of my first attempt at pinning a project. I can't wait to see the piece in the frame.

Ok, well, that's where I have been.