Friday, May 14, 2010

Patrick is complete

Well, some of you know I wanted a cross stitch pattern of Patrick from Sponge Bog Squarepants to do for a dear friend of mine. He is a wonderful, kind hearted spirit. He does an amazing impersonation of Patrick.

Well, I TRIED to get it done for his Birthday, but didn't quite make it. The stitching was done by 1pm on his birthday.

Here is the completed piece.

And here is the framed's a bit crooked, but my daughter didn't notice until I pointed it out, but I know. For some reason after washing the fabric was a bit skewed....that's ok, it still looks great, I think.

Oh, and he absolutely LOVES it.


  1. Nice job Tracy! I am sure it got boring stitching all the same colors, well at least I would be bored - lol.

  2. Great job.My son watches Spongebob every day.

  3. thanks for everyone's comments, it's really appreciated....and yes, I got truly bored stitching all those huge blocks of color.

  4. It looks great, Tracy, glad he likes it. :-)

    Jennifer in Canada

  5. Congrats!! He turned out so cute.

  6. Congrats on the finish - I'm sure it will be much loved.